Hi I'm Paul Corfiatis from North West Tasmania, Australia. Just one of countless dumb piles of subatomic particles roaming this place in the universe.

I grew up in Adelaide SA and please don't be alarmed by this but I have high functioning autism which to be honest I think is much more commonplace than most people actually think and it is truly a gift. To be honest I don't really want to be known as an autistic person because today I feel totally normal, I am now married as well (15 November 2014). But growing up as a child was a certainly challenging experience at times so please don't worry, I am all good. I must say I from my point of view I see this world a in a different way and have many interests. There is no doubt I'm a very self taught person with many things especially because I struggled at school from time to time. Over the years I have worked on many different projects to keep me pleasured, most notably my music composition and Doom level designing and other things. I've had some work experience in the music and sound recording industry with my original music, mixing, recording studio work and sound tracks over the past few years and I'm continually looking to expand my presence around the place in the next few years. Fussiness is my nature when it comes to creativity and something has to be perfect from my standard of view. Other things I enjoy are playing basketball, statistics, space and astronomy, and much more. I have worked part time for Big hArt since 2006 and in 2010 to 2012 went back to college to do artwork.

Music is my passion and over the years I have written and composed many different songs and released a handful of digital albums ranging from Techno to Hip Hop to Orchestral which you can download and buy from my music section. When it comes to music production the quality and mix is vital and I like my music sounding powerful, spacious and as uncompressed as possible. I believe the true creator God has given me all this talent and I believe I can expand it in the future. I have many goals with my music, record producer, help mix and produce for well known artists write music for movies and video games and much more. Just accept the fact if I become famous or not, I am pleased of my abilities no matter what. In May 2011, I published a small book named "My World" which reflects my challenges in life.

Over the years I have created countless add-on maps and level packs for the games Doom and Doom 2 and have also written midi music for my and other add-ons for these shoot em up games.

I also really like artwork, painting and photography and much more but not interested in fishing or playing cricket, sorry it makes me sleepy.

Future goals are to write music for movies, and also do some acting and much much more. Wherever it will get me, only time will tell.


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