11 June 2010: First Screenshots Released of the sequel to MAP25 of Whispers of Satan.

Starting Area. A shotgun will be on the platform in front of you / First Door

The only two symmetrical rooms in the whole map. But this is a sequel to the WOS level anyway. But I'll try my best to limit symmetry.

Underground oven of hell.

And more fire.

15 July 2010: More progression. The map is now about 60% done in layout and just under 5,000 linedefs.

Outdoor area of lava.

A bit of symmetry and a dark arch way.

Lighting effects galore

2 August 2010: More progression. The map layout is now pretty much done. Over 9,000 linedefs.

Start of the final area.

More lava galore!

Only the bravest prevail through this immense area.

The lowest portion of the map at the bottom of the big lava cave.