Whispers of Satan


From the same team that brought you 2002 ADO we introduce our latest project to the Doom Community. Whispers of Satan is a 32 level megawad for Doom 2 which requires a Boom Compatible source port to play. We started this project late in 2006 and finished it late in 2009.

Download it HERE!

* 30 all new atmospheric and challenging levels ranging from Base to Hell.

* 2 unique secret levels

* Designed for Singleplayer. But all other play modes will be supported!

* All maps beatable from Pistol Start

* Requires a Boom compatible source port

* Fully compatible with ZDooM


* Tons of new and additional Graphics

* All new original MIDI based music

* And more



All screenshots are in 320x240 for faster loading.





15 September 2009: WHISPERS OF SATAN HAS NOW BEEN RELEASED! - Enjoy your adventure back into Hell and best of luck against those awful monsters!

Download: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=15950

8 September 2009: Kristian has completed MAP22: Soul Disruption which has turned out to be a very large level and screenshots have been added to the MAP21-30 link above. All 32 levels are now complete and Whispers of Satan will be uploaded to the archives later this month once all playtesting/bug fixing is all complete. The internal DEHACKED and all sky transfers are done. I'm currently playing through all levels in PrBoom to assure you can get 100% of everything and to make sure everything is working, sector actions and sky transfers. Some of the music will also be touched up. Look out boys and girls for the release of WOS on the next update!

19 July 2009: Whispers of Satan is now 1 more level away from release after I finished off making MAP23: Pathway to Elysion and 3 new screenshots have been added to the MAP21-30 link above. Kristian now has to make MAP22 and we are all done. The latest possible planned release date for Whispers of Satan is on October 1, 2009 but it could be released earlier. With the closure of Geocities this site will be closed for good after October 26 and will be replaced with a new Paul Corfiatis website.

16 April 2009: MAP24: Ultimate Hatred has now been completed and 3 new screenshots have been posted in the MAP21-30 link above. This brings WOS to within 2 levels of completion with its estimated release in August. At the end of the year geocities.com closes and so will this website and Paul's Doom Page. I'm in the planning for an all new personal website named "www.paulcorfiatis.com"  which will contain my Doom levels, music and other things. The next update will be the final update to this website, Kristian plans to make MAP22 and I plan to make MAP23.

16 April 2009: Screenshots of Map25: Vulcana have now been posted in the MAP21-30 link above bringing WOS even closer to completion. It took over a month to make Map25 due to its large size and a week to get the gameplay sorted out. Various developmental changes have been also made. Also the storyline for Whispers of Satan has been written and here it is. I don't think I'm that good at storylines but it needed a storyline for that authentic Doom feel. What we are trying to do is recreate Doom as closely as we can. Story is set several millennia into the future long after the previous invasion of Earth where you must travel to Hell. Kristian will work on Map22 and I will work on either Map23 or Map24 next.

The year is 5765. You are marine who works at the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), a hidden complex
amongst the highlands in Norway. You are sitting at your desk doing assignments and you can feel
a rumble. The UAC's past history hasn't been a very pleasant one. With Earth been invaded before in
the past. Hundreds of years of research has unlocked a mysterious path into the unknown where nobody
has ever been before. UAC control detects the bad news, lives are lost, life is becoming more precious.
A flaming skull is caught in mid-air by 3 bullets, fires break out and quite simply hell is breaking loose which is perhaps the biggest cause of dramatic a global warming over the past 100 years. Perhaps there was hellspawn left over from the previous invasion buried deep underground which thousands of years later managed to dig itself out. You strap on your BFG, blast a Cacodemon out of your way and proceed.

After a long cold struggle the marine passes into the teleport and finds himself stranded in a blistering
inferno, fire and brimstone full of advanced demonic technology and a scorching sun so close that you
can reach out and touch it. Those amazing Breathtaking views of hell don't come with ease. The monsters
come in from all direction. Luckily a large amount of weapons and ammo are teleported in to help the
marine thanks to the advanced technology achieved over the past several millennia and armor is so tough
these days you can survive the hits and bumps.

Reaching Deep within the depths of darkness is a tough assignment. Running past the Viles of hell and
passing through the fire while an evil voice constantly whispers away at you. It is not a cool experience. At the end of your long journey you encounter the beast. And as you unlock the gate and pump your rockets into its sorry brain, hell is a wreck forever and you vanish back to the friendly environment of your home world.

14 February 2009: WOS creeps closer to completion as two more maps have just been completed. Firstly Map13 by Paul and Map30 by Kristian and Paul. This brings the total amount of levels complete up to 28/32 with only 4 levels (22,23,24 and 25) remaining to be completed. A June release is looking likely. The music is almost complete with only one more song that needs to be composed. Screenshots (three each) of Map13 and Map30 are available on their respective pages.

25 December 2008: Kristian has just completed Map20: Inexorable Opposition bringing the total up to 26/32 levels all complete. The new screenshots are on the MAP11-20 page. With 2009 just around the corner, look for the release of Whispers of Satan sometime next year. Kristian plans in starting Map30 next as we aim to make this level together with me making the final areas of WOS. It should be a battle from hell indeed.

13 December 2008: Firstly a happy 15th birthday to Doom. Whispers of Satan has been progressing well with the recent completion of Map11: Cyberfunk which was made by me (Paul). There are 3 new screenshots of Map11 available in the MAP01-11 page above. Kristian is currently working on MAP20 which should be completed in a few weeks time bringing the project to within 6 levels of completion. Estimated release is in about 6 months time. I've also been working on transferring the skies for Boom into some of the maps and plan to eventually write more Midi based music for the project to complete its all original sound track. Only a few songs have to be done and that's all out of the way.

22 November 2008: I've had a very busy last few months with other things in life such as my involvement for a high school play earlier this month. But now I have managed to complete the latest map for WOS. The level is: MAP21: 2048 BC (which I actually started on earlier this year) and I have added 3 new screenshots of the map in the screenshots MAP21-30 page. Hence the name (2048 BC), the map is supposed to take place over 3,000 years ago. Completion is 1 step closer with 24 maps now all but done. Kristian has been very inactive with WOS over the last few months, he has been busy concentrating on his music and other things in life but is planning on making MAP20 next once he gets a few things out of the way but that is no guarantee of course.  Maps yet to be completed are 11,13,20,22,23,24,25 and 30.

22 September 2008: Since the last update two new levels have been completed. Kristian has already finished MAP19: Cryocleep and Paul has finished MAP15: Temple of Water. The 3 screenshots of MAP15 have been added to the MAP12-20 page. The completion of of Whispers of Satan creeps closer with 23 of the 32 levels now finished.

5 July 2008: Six new screenshots of MAP18: Elements and MAP19: Cryosleep have been added to the screenshots MAP12-20 page below. Kristian is creating MAP19 and is due to be completed in the next few weeks, this will take the total amount of completed levels up to 22 out of 32. MAP18 was completed yesterday after a couple of days of hard playtesting. Progress has been slower because I've been busy with another non related project.

27 April 2008: Screenshots of MAP17: Mines of Despair have been added to the screenshots MAP12-20 page below. The layout of the level is fully complete bringing Whispers of Satan to within 12 maps of completion. I've also written several new MIDI's for the project. Kristian has dropped out of the project for a short period due to personal matters in his own life but he will be back to work on MAP25 eventually. I'm planning on working on MAP18 next.

10 March 2008: MAP26 has just been completed along with MAP27 as described below. 3 new screenshots of MAP26 have also been added to the screenshots MAP21-30 page (below). So far we have 19 maps all completed with Kristian planning on eventually working on MAP25. I'm (Paul) going to be inactive for a few weeks as I'm off to Adelaide from March 19 to March 31 but will be back to work on my next planned map. (MAP17)

18 January 2008: Screenshots of MAP27: Halls of Cocytus by Kristian have been added. While MAP16 is all complete and MAP27 is almost there meaning we have gone past the halfway point of the project with 18 of the 32 levels to be completed soon.

14 January 2008: Screenshots of MAP16: Undervilla by Paul have been added. The level is shaping up to be a very spooky one indeed. MAP28 and 29 have both been completed while Kristian is also working on MAP27.

31 October 2007: The Whispers of Satan project website is officially launched. We currently have 14 levels completed plus 2 in progress!


KRISTIAN ARO - Is from Finland started level designing in 1996 and has worked on several projects with Paul Corfiatis including 2002 A Doom Odyssey, Death Tormention 2 and 3. Kristian who is also known as Nebula Meltdown likes to compose Psychedelic Trance music.

PAUL CORFIATIS - Is from Australia has worked on many wads since his first ever map in 1996 including various projects with Kristian (Death Tormention 3, 2002ADO, etc). Most of his releases can be downloaded at Paul's Doom Page. Paul has also contributed to a map in Community Chest 3, and the 1 monster project and several maps in the 10 sectors contest. Paul also composes his own music for Doom projects, most notably in 2002ADO and also writes his own Music.




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