Just landed! - Your mission begins here! How do I get out of here? That UAC sign is familiar
MAP01 Sintlabs

By Paul Corfiatis

A hallway with Nukage - Suomi Style! Get me out of this Smelly Sewer of Nukage That chaingun is there for survival
MAP02 The Sink By Kristian Aro
Another UAC base! Lovley mountains outside that window! Only wimps use that radiation suit!
MAP03 Poison Sewers By Paul Corfiatis
Standing outside taking a breath of fresh air Thanks to OSRAM for installing the lights in our base What, is that more stinky nukage
MAP04 Lost Beacon By Kristian Aro
Tekwall madness! Crates Galore The UAC dominates as always!
MAP05 Pumping Station #083A By Kristian Aro
Computer says no I feel like a real iron man The key to success
MAP06 Covert Operations Facility By Paul Corfiatis
Outside is one hell of a battle The first BFG9K, these guns are not easy to get! Nukage Galore - did I say that before?
MAP07 Death Alley By Kristian Aro
Somewhere down there in the basement Hmm, I'm in an underground storage room! Your life could be DOOMed when you get that yellow key!
MAP08 Basement Jazz By Kristian Aro
The school looks more like a UAC base - at least its not as boring as a normal School I'm in a Classroom - hey Ms Porter what does 1+1 equal? Locker room. Looks more like an underground server room!
MAP09 The School By Paul Corfiatis
Walking on water! The archway of the master! Medieval Madness!
MAP10 Playgrounds of Caesar By Paul Corfiatis
Secret megasphere in a courtyard The red key The last of the four Cyberdemons you'll be facing in this map
MAP11 Cyber Funk By Paul Corfiatis